My research focuses on the interaction of economic development and the environment. In particular, I am interested in the impacts of improved market access and property rights on land use and natural resources such as fish stocks, forests and biodiversity. I use mathematical models to guide my empirical analysis and to derive testable predictions. I often collaborate with environmental scientists to better understand and quantify the environmental changes and drivers.

I am co-PI of the Wildlife and Conservation Economics Laboratory which also hosts the profiles of my team members. I am also associated with the Centre for Food, Resource and Environmental Economics.



Resource abundance and education

Frederik Noack, Economic Development & Cultural Change, forthcoming.


The contrasting effects of farm size on farm incomes and food production.

Frederik Noack & Ashley Larsen, Environmental Research Letters, 2019.


Droughts, Biodiversity, and Rural Incomes in the Tropics.

Frederik Noack, Marie-Catherine Riekhof & Salvatore Di Falco, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2019


Climate, crops, and forests: a pan-tropical analysis of household income generation.

Sven Wunder, Frederik Noack & Arild Angelsen, Environment and Development Economics, 2018. Link to the working paper.


Development in a Dual Economy: The Importance of Resource-Use Regulation.

Frederik Noack, Marie-Catherine Riekhof & Martin Quaas, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2018. Link to the working paper.


Identifying the landscape drivers of agricultural insecticide use leveraging evidence from 100,000 fields.

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Separate or mixed production of timber, livestock and biodiversity in the Caspian Forest.

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Working Papers

The impact of credit markets on natural resources with insecure property rights: Evidence from global fisheries, (with Christopher Costello, new version coming soon).

Responses to weather and climate: a cross-section analysis of rural incomes(with Sven Wunder, Arild Angelsen and Jan Boerner).

Informal Credit Markets, Common-pool Resources and Education (with Marie-Catherine Riekhof)